Trustees, Executive and General Council

The Royal Navy Football Association (Charity No: 1164897) shall be affiliated to, and where not otherwise stated, be governed by the rules of the Football Association.The Association is responsible for the management of association football throughout the Royal Navy.  The Headquarters of the Association are in Portsmouth.

As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation all powers associated with the Trustees will be in accordance with the Constitution. The Trustees have delegated the day to day business of the Association to the Executive Committee, but retain full responsibility of the Constitution in accordance with the regulations of the Charities Commission.  The CEO/Secretary RNFA will act as the conduit between the Executive Committee and General Council to the Trustees.  The Trustees will have a nominated Chair and Treasurer to allow them to efficiently conduct their business

The Executive Committee will deal with the day to day business of the Association.  It will investigate and settle questions under dispute and will make proposals to the General Council on matter of policy.

The General Council of this Association shall have the power to make Regulations and/or to make Bye Laws as from time to time they deem necessary which shall become effective on ratification at the Annual General Meeting.



Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson CB CVO Royal Navy - Chairman

Captain John Lavery MVO Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander Stephen Vasey Royal Navy

Colour Sergeant Ian Mulholland Royal Marines

Leading Writer Luke Pierce Royal Navy

CEO Mr Steve Johnson (2003)

Commander Steve Anderson RN  (2016)

Vice Chairman Commander John Gordon RN (2005)

Head of Business Captain P Milburn OBE (2016)

Sponsorship and Marketing Commander T Davey RN (2015)

PRO and Communications Vacant

Head of Referees Lieutenant Commander S Enever RN (2012)

Head of Women’s Football Lieutenant Commander M Ingham RN  (2015)

Head of Representative Football Lt Fraser Quirke RN (2017)

Competitions and Leagues Captain W Grounsell RM (2015)

Head of Discipline WO (AC) A Matthews (2005)

*Head of Development Teams WOPT P Willetts (2017)

Football Development Manager Miss K Stenning (2016)

RNFA Supporters Club Mr Terry Gibson (2004)

* Denotes Ex Officio position





 Vice Admiral C Jonstone KBE, CB (President  RNFA)

Commander S Anderson Royal Navy (Chairman RNFA)

Commander J Gordon Royal Navy (Vice Chairman RNFA)

Mr S Johnson (CEO/Secretary RNFA)

WOPT B Sloan (Eastern Region)

WOPT L Young (Northern Region)

WOPT N Pulley (Western Region)

Lieutenant Commander A Plenty Royal Navy (Naval Air)

CSgt I Mulholland (Royal Marines)

*Commander J Gordon Royal Navy (Head of Representative Football)

*(PRO) Vacant

*Commander T Davey Royal Navy (Head of Sponsorship and Marketing)

*Captain P Milburn  OBE (Head of Business)

*WO (AC) A Matthews (Head of Discipline)

*WO1 (PT) Willetts (Head of Development Teams)

*Lieutenant Commander S Enever Royal Navy (Head of Referees)

*Lieutenant Commander M Ingham Royal Navy (Head of Women’s Football)

*Ms K Stenning (Football Development Manager)

*Captain W Grounsell Royal Marines (Head of Competitions and Leagues)

*Mr Terry Gibson (RNFA Supporters Club)

SO1 NSR (Ex Officio)

* Denotes member of Executive Committee

Commodore M R B Wallace

Captain L A Bird MVO Royal Navy

Captain P N M Davies Royal Navy

Captain G D B Robinson Royal Navy

Captain D M Tall OBE Royal Navy

Captain J Lavery MVO Royal Navy

Commander J Renwick Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander P J W Danks Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander R S Duke Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander H Millington Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander S G Vasey Royal Navy (2013)

Captain D Vanderpump Royal Navy (2017)