International Relations

As a part of the Royal Navy's Defence Diplomacy Strategy the RNFA, in conjunction with The FA, has established a relationship that is able to support the vision to use the power of football to create a better future.

Royal Navy Ships/Units on deployment continue to play a big role in spreading the word of football around the world, with the RNFA and the International Relations Department of the FA working closely to provide surplus England kit (through the RNFA) for them to take to local communities during their global deployments.

Notwithstanding the demands of operational commitments, ships/units are still conducting activites with local communities and underpriveleged children, hosting a variety of football coaching/education events during their port visits.

Spreading the word!
Ships/Units that have supported the RNFA's Defence Diplomacy Programme include: 

  *  HMS Westminster visiting orphanage in Chennai.
  *  HMS Manchester and HMS Lancaster successful coaching sessions in South Atlantic/Gulf.
  *  HMS Ocean coaching in Lagos, Nigeria.
  *  HMS Endurance coaching in Ghana.
  *  HMS Manchester coaching in St Vincent, West Indies.
  *  HMS St Albans coaching in Kuwait.
  *  HMS Iron Duke coaching Montserrat.
  *  Khumba Challenge 2009 Team playing/coaching local teams 3500m above sea level!
  *  HMS Somerset coaching local school in Tanzania.

(Full reports of some of these visits can be viewed through the International News box to the top right of this page).

For the RN/RM personnel that are involved with these events, all the occasions are both fulfililng and memorable - using the beautiful game of football to enhance and foster international relations.