RNFA Coaches Association

The Royal Navy FA Coaches Association is a recognised membership designed to support the continued personal development of all FA qualified coaches. With the Association providing a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and best practices, coaches of all levels can develop their skills and learn from each other. Be part of this team today!

Who can join the RNFA Coaches Association?
Membership is open to coaches over the age of 16 who have a valid Football Association coaching qualification. This can include holders of teacher training qualifications or a FA Coaching Award at any level.

What are the aims and objectives of the Association?
The Royal Navy FA Coaches Association continues to:
  -  Promote coaching development in the HM Forces and local community.
  -  Provide a network for sharing ideas, information and good practice.
  -  Offer practical support for all levels of coaching
  -  Bring coaches together.

What are the membership benefits?
The benefits of membership include the following: 
  *  Membership Card
  *  Bi-annual Coaching Association E-circle newsletter 
  *  Discounted coach education courses
  *  Discounted Coaches workshops/in-service training events 
  *  Coaching Opportunities as posted on this website
  *  Coaching Association Polo-shirt  (New Members only)

How much is the membership fee?
Cost of individual membership: £10.00

Can I purchase additional polo-shirts?
Yes, the cost of an additional polo-shirt after joining will be £10.

What if I need to replace my card?
As all membership cards are serialised, should you loose your original membership or need to replace your card you will need to apply for a new membership at the cost of £10. Should you not require another card, the Development Team will still hold your original membership details and will continue to inform you of current events/opportunities.

How do I join?
Download and complete the application form and return, with enclosed payment, to RNFA Development, HMS Temeraire, Burnaby Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2HB.

(Members should ensure their Emergency Aid and Safeguarding Children Certificates are in date and valid).

How do I keep my membership details updated?
Please ensure you keep your contact details updated with us to receive all the latest coaching news. Should you wish to amend any information please email hannah.okell@navyfa.com

How do I renew my membership?
There will be no renewal required for your membership. Only additional costs members may incurr is if they require additional polo-shirts or membership cards.

Will I keep the same membership number if I request another card?
Unfortunately no, each card has a pre-printed unique serial number that will ascertain your membership number. Issue of a new cards will automatically change your membership number.

Can I purchase an additional Coaching Association polo shirt?
Yes, all members can purchase additional Coaching Association Polo shirts at anytime, as long as they are fully paid members of the Association. The cost for a shirt will be £10.00. All requests should be directed to hannah.okell@navyfa.com

For further information on any aspect of the association please contact the Development Team on 023 92573032 or coachingcourses@navyfa.com

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