Promotions & Awards

Andy Matthews receiving his FA Long conduct award.

Promotions 2017

Congratulations to all who were successful in achieving promotion this season.

Level 2B - Panel Select List Referee

Scott Jackson

Level 4 - Supply League Referee

Jon Batteson
Dan Goldman

Level 5 - Senior County Referee

 Andy Glanville
Dave Lilly
Nick Hulland

Level 6 - County Referee

Steve Jansen
Eroy Alexis
Dave Bartlam
Andrew Scanlon

Referee of the Year

RNFA Refereeing Annual Awards - Awarded by the referees committee annually as well as FA Long Service awards.

2016 David Mcnamara
2015 Phil Eddie
2014 Scott Jackson
2013 John Caddle

Level 5 & Below Referee of the Year

2016 Jon Batteson
2015 Mark Carroll 2014 Michael Clements