Tutors, Assessors and Mentoring

Tutors, assessors and mentors are an incredibly important part of the Refereeing Family.


As a Level 1 Tutor, you will be working as part of a team to deliver the Basic Referees Course.

As a Level 2 Tutor, in addition to working on the Basic Referees Course you may be asked to deliver In-Service Training to established Referees looking to develop their skills and progress up the refereeing levels.

Current Tutors:

Level 2:                    Level 1:
Ian Harley                Jacky McNamara
                                 Shaun Enever
                                 Lee Dudman


Assessors help with development of Referees seeking promotion to a higher classification. The role involves attending matches and observing a referees performance, offering advice after the game and producing a written report for the County FA.

Assessors are paid for their time and the written report and if an Assessor performs well there are opportunities for promotion as an assessor.    

Current Assessors:

Ian Harley            Simon Robbins            Shaun Enever            Jacky McNamara
Phil Eddie            Lee Dudman                Scott Jackson            Michael Barnett
Alan Gower            


The main aim of being a mentor is to give a referee feedback where necessary to help them improve their performance, aiding them with report writing, watching them at games, whilst giving them advice on improvement their game as well as offering support throughout the season with any problems that may arise.

The key characteristics to mentoring are approachability and patience. Experience as a referee is helpful, but not necessary.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact:

Volunteer Referees Development Officer (VRDO) RNFA Referees Society - Ian Harley
Mobile: 07884 266967 
E-mail: ianharley889@talktalk.net

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