Management Team

Marty WallaceDevelopment Squad Head Coach: WO1 Marty Wallace
Address: ASMEO2, COMPORFLOT, Room F2, Lancelot Building, HMNB Portsmouth PO1 3NH.
Mil: 938025492                             Civ: 023 92 725492
Mob: 07796 393672*
Preferred E Mail*:
Civ E Mail:

 Shadow Head and Shoulders 

Development Squad General Manager: LPT Lee Carrie
Address: : Gym Facilities Manager, Blockhouse Gymnasium, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 2AB
Mil: 9380 65168                           Civ: 02392 765168
Mob: 07583 235596*
Preferred E Mail:

Ben Medlin 2013Lead Coach (U21): POPT Ben Medlin
Address: SARC, NAS Yeovilton, Yeovilton, Ilchester Somerset BA22 8HT
Mil: 93510 6201                         Civ: 01935 456201
Mob: 07702 182899*
Preferred E Mail:


CPO Duchesne  Assistant Coach (U21): CPO(CIS) Andy Duchesne
  Address:  HMS Prince Of Wales 
  Mil: 93365 5967                         Civ: 01752 811564
  Mob: 07578 414001*
  Preferred E Mail: 


  * Preferred contact number 

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