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Qualified. Endorsed. Connected.

Did you know that this season, more than 29,000 coaches across the country and across both the grassroots and professional game hold an FA coaching licence?

That’s the same number it would take to fill a third of Wembley Stadium! It’s also a number that means they’re a part of the largest coaching licensing programme in world football.

If you’re coaching right now and do not hold an FA licence, here are a few of the reasons - aside from it being free to join - that might make you consider signing up.

First, it’s an endorsement by The FA that you are a qualified coach. One of the prerequisites of applying for a licence is that you have completed an FA coaching course.

Every FA licence holder is also required to maintain an in-date FA-approved first aid qualification and FA safeguarding children qualification, as well as an in-date FA Criminal Record Check if working with players under 18.

Being an FA licensed coach means you’ll also be immediately connected to a community linked by a culture of lifelong learning and development. From regular CPD events and webinars to The Boot Room online, there’s always something on offer to help expand your knowledge and improve your skills as a coach.

Then there are some of the wider benefits of being part of the programme. You’ll have access to The FA Licensed Coaches’ Club website - an exclusive platform for licence holders providing access to some fantastic learning content.

You’ll also get the opportunity to win tickets via regular ballots for all England senior team home games, receive discounts on specific FA courses, and will be issued with a personalised FA coaching licence card when you join. 

Qualified. Endorsed. Connected.

Start your registration

If you hold the following, why not start your registration to become an FA licensed coach:

  • An FA coaching qualification
  • An in-date FA safeguarding children qualification
  • An in-date FA-approved first aid qualification
  • An in-date FA Criminal Record Check if your working with under 18 players
FA Coach Mentor

If you want to find out a bit more about the FA licensing programme before you make a decision that’s fine too! Just click here to visit a page where we’ve answered some of our frequently asked questions.