HMS Kent v HMS Monmouth

Tuesday 20th February 2018 saw HMS Kent Football Team meet at HMS Drake Astro for a 1715 kick off against HMS Monmouth in order to play their opening football game to what looks to be a successful season.  An excellent 4-0 win for Kent was complimented with goals from AB (EW) “Gibbo” Gibson, LS (EW) “Julie” Andrews, CPO (AWT) “Slinger” Woodward and LLogs (Sup) “Crash” Evans.

The brilliance of HMS Monmouth’s goalkeeper ensured the first half remained goalless. He made a number of comfortable saves and two outstanding stops to deny AB (EW) “Isaac” Newton as CPO (AWW) “Woody” Birch’s men emerged unscathed from their visit to the Wyvern Centre. Plenty of encouragement came from the stands with LS (UW) “Dom” Roberts and LS (UW) “Taff” Attwood leading the chants.

Kent made a bright start to the second half, busy and offensive, despite a few shots that would of impressed Johnny Wilkinson. Kent’s shot ratio far outnumbered Monmouth’s and once they settled, the goals started flying in. A perfectly timed through ball by Crash saw Gibbo open up the score line. The fitness levels between the two teams became very apparent as Julie’s And Woody’s goals came in quick succession. As the sun was setting behind HMS Ocean, Kent had one last corner and with the DLO telling him to ‘time his run’, Crash gained maximum height and headed the ball with such gusto, all Monmouth could do was watch with awe.

With all 16 men participating, the final whistle blew resulting in an outstanding victory for the “White Stallions”. DLO was awarded Man of the Match and rightly so. The score line will definitely boost Kent’s confidence and prepare them well for their forthcoming fixtures.