Football 6

USFL Charity Cup & Plate finals 2019

Charity Cup

It truly was a game of 2 halves, with Heron bossing the 1st half and were unlucky to go into the half time break only one up with  fine keeping and sterling defense keeping them out.  Having said that Collingwood also had some chance from a couple of set plays but filed to test the keeper.

The 2nd half was all change and a reinvigorated Collingwood pressing hard for the equalizer which was a well work goal mid-way through.  Now it was Heron’s defense that was blocking all Collingwood’s effort a but a strong defence and poor finishing from Collingwood meant the game ended 1 – 1.

 Both teams score their opening penalties but after that Collinwood lose their way and Heron scoring all theirs resulted in a 4 – 2 win

 Final result  HMS HERON 1 (4) – 1 (2) HMS COLLINGWOOD

 Football 3


Charity Plate

This was a game of young guns (HMS Sultan) v experienced heads (HMS Excellent)

Throughout the young guns huffed and puffed but the experienced heads read their intentions and kept them in check.

HMS Sultan  had plenty of possession but lack composure in the last 1/3 whilst HMS Excellent took their chances well and ran out deserved winners


Final result  HMS EXCELLENT 3 – 0 HMS SULTAN


Football 7


Many thanks to our match

Referee:Whistle       Steve McDonald

Assistant RedFlag      Ben McDonald  

Assistant  YellowFlag      Andrew Keay            


Charity Plate Final

Referee:Whistle       Gareth Jones

Assistant RedFlag      Craig Lindsay

Assistant  YellowFlag      Peter Noyce