Royal Navy FA Joins iPRO’s FamilyOf Military Sporting Partners 

Royal Navy FA Joins iPRO’s Family Of Military Sporting Partners


Healthy hydration Drinks Company, iPRO, is thrilled to officially announce it’s new partnership with the Royal Navy FA, as the Official Hydration Drink and Wellness Partner for the next three years.


All Royal Navy FA representative teams will be supported by iPRO, as the players experience the superior hydration benefits of its wellness product, iPRO Hydrate. Available in four delicious flavours, Berry Mix, Citrus Blend, Orange and Pineapple, and Mango Flavour, the players will have an excellent assortment to choose from.


iPRO is trusted by professional athletes and nutritionists worldwide, as the low sugar drinks are packed with natural ingredients and contain the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C, plus added B Vitamins.


iPRO has always been passionate about forming strong relationships with Military sports, and as such this new agreement will build upon a host of current partnerships with Military sports teams, including that with UK Armed Forces Football.


iPRO is also working in partnership with Westways Vending to provide bespoke machines to further develop iPRO’s commitment to British Military sport, particularly across the South Coast.


As everyone eagerly awaits the return of Football, iPRO will be on hand to ensure that all Royal Navy FA players are ready to perform at their best, as they consume the quality benefits of iPRO Hydrate once the restrictions in England start to ease.


Steve Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Navy FA, said:


We are delighted to welcome iPRO as a partner of the RNFA family. iPRO are industry-leaders who deliver quality hydration. iPRO stands for ‘Integrity and PROfessionalism’, core values, within the Royal Navy.


iPRO is already the official hydration partner to many professional football clubs as well as the UK Armed Forces Men’s and Women’s teams, and it’s great to see the Royal Navy Football Association added to that list. The three-year arrangement will see iPRO provide hydration drinks to all its players in the Men’s, Women’s and Development teams.”


Danny Kerr, Royal Navy Men’s Senior Team Strength and Conditioning Coach, commented:


We are delighted to partner with iPRO, one of the leading hydration drinks companies in the UK. We understand that correct hydration levels optimise performance and providing the very best football players in our Service with a drink such as iPRO, will only enhance our overall sporting performance. At the top level of Royal Navy Football, marginal gains are of major importance and we believe that our partnership with iPRO will help us find the extra percent to take our representative teams to the next level.”


Charlotte Taylor, iPRO National Account Manager, also mentioned:


We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Royal Navy FA and we are looking forward to providing healthy hydration for all teams! iPRO is very proud to support the dedicated Military personnel and their sporting commitments.


Quality hydration is essential for any footballer to perform at their best and it is our pleasure to be able to provide every player with a range of re-hydration products which will bring essential benefits during training, competition and recovery.


iPRO has worked hard to intensify it’s sustainability commitment to ensure that all product packaging is fully recyclable within the UK's current recycling infrastructure. iPRO recognise how sustainable packaging plays an integral role in communicating our brand values to it’s customers and to mitigate it’s impact on the environment. With a committed long-term focus on sustainability, all iPRO Hydrate packaging is 100% recyclable, with ambitions to reach 75% recycled materials by 2021.






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iPRO Hydrate use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced responsibly avoiding the use of all artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. With a committed long-term focus on sustainability, all packaging is 100% recyclable using recycled materials with ambitions to reach 75% recycled materials in 2021.


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