The Royal Navy FA Launches new 3 year strategy for grassroots football within the service

The Royal Navy FA launches new 3 Year Strategy for Grassroots Football within the Service.

We are delighted to announce the launch of  our ambitious new strategy for grassroots football in the Royal Navy, providing clear direction for the next three years and addressing the short, medium and long-term challenges to serve and lead the game for all within the service

2021-24 Strategic Objectives


Retain 3,066 male players through flexible formats of competition


  • Ensure equal opportunities for females and grow participation by 39 players


  • Recruit 11, convert 7, retain 35 and progress 2 referees


  • Support a diverse, high performing workforce and inclusive culture


  • Establish trusted, progressive regulation, administration & governance


  • Provide representative opportunities for high performing service personnel


  • Cultivate a safe and inclusive football pathway & environment


  • Promote a game free of discrimination


  • Strong reputation and clear brand identity


  • Through Football activities support the delivery of the health and wellbeing plan for the Royal Navy


CEO Steve Johnson  – “The Royal Navy (RN) Football Association has accomplished a great deal over the last four years and we are very proud of our achievements, but remain hungry and ambitious to achieve even more. It is now time for us to build on these successes and continue shaping the future of football in the Royal Navy.

Football is the most participated sport within the RN, and we want everyone to have a positive experience when engaged with  the beautiful  game. The ambitions set out in the plan will require a continuously evolving organisation,  that will require a commitment from our volunteers, along with the cooperation and support from the RN, Sponsors, and our partner County FA’s.

We want to be  inclusive, and embrace diversity in everything we do and in doing so remove any barriers for those wanting to join our football family. Encouraging and promoting differences in our backgrounds and experience will make us healthier and stronger.