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All Referees' within the Royal Navy FA are administered by the RNFA Referees' Society which was formed in 1971. The RNFA currently have referees operating on the football league, national leagues, contributory leagues, supply leagues and at local level. Whilst continuing to play a vital role in Service football both in the UK and throughout the world; proving that you can officiate at all levels of the game. Here's just a few of the momentous occasions RN Referees have been part of in the past:

If you are interested in wanting to attend a Royal Navy FA Referee Course, please complete the form below;


In order to successfully book onto a course, you will be required to:

1. Register and sign with the FA on Whole Game and complete the FA Laws of the Game module

2. Conduct a free Safeguarding for All Course for the 2021/22 season, which takes between 45 min – 1 hour to complete

 This course is accessible 24/7 through the FA Bootroom and upon completion of this course, Referees will be able to Register to officiate for the 2021/22 season.

3. Conduct a DBS Check with one of our registered verifiers.


This can be accessed immediately. For guidance and support, please email Andy Glanville


As part of the course you will receive; a set of flags, whistle, notebook, red/yellow card and a hardback copy of the Laws Of The Game.

You are able to get involved in many projects such as the midweek league, representative games and the USFL

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