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There are lots of different roles required to run a football club, from physical roles such as coach, to behind the scenes roles such as secretary.

Below are some of the roles that you can get involved in and a brief explanation of their responsibilities.

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The role of a regional activator is to oversee the running of the region for all football activities. To ensure that there are opportunities for all to take part in football through a variety of activities. They will lead the area and provide leadership in all areas such as club tournaments, etc.

The Secretary is one of the most important roles in a club or league. The main point of contact for the county, team managers and clubs/leagues, the Secretary will look after the administrative duties for the club/league.

The secretary will be in charge of organising pitches for home games, and ensuring that the club’s teams can play all of their games. They will also be responsible for any discipline  
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The league player registration secretary will sign on all of the players for teams in the league to ensure that players are able to play. Depending on the size of some leagues, there may be multiple volunteers undertaking this role, each responsible for certain age groups.

The league fixtures secretary organises fixtures for the teams in the league. In some leagues, there may be multiple fixture secretaries, each responsible for certain age groups.

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